Ulexite [TV Rock] Clairvoyance


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Ulexite as a Healing Crystal is used for Far-Seeing Clairvoyance, helping to read the energy of others and the future. 
Ulexite, sometimes known as TV rock, is a mineral occurring in silky white rounded crystalline masses or in parallel fibres. The natural fibres of ulexite conduct light along their long axes, by internal reflection.

Ulexite: a calcium-sodium hydrated borate mineral that exhibits a unique fibre optic property. When placed over text such as a newspaper, or over a picture, that image is projected through capillary fibres to their opposite end for you to see magnetised, so the image or text appears to be printed on the surface of the specimen! When viewed from the side, the fibres are distinctively visible. Ulexite is nature’s example of the fibre optic cables that now carry millions of telephone calls & T.V. pictures around the world.

Size 20-60mm (Average)

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