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  • Orange Selenite Star Tea Light Holder

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  • Pendulum Board

    Sale! CHF F9.39
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  • Wooden Classic Ouija Talking Board

    Sale! CHF F19.22
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  • HEM Mystical Nights Masala Incense Sticks

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  • Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck

    Sale! CHF F23.99
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  • Angel SSA Mobile

    Sale! CHF F13.01
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  • Dowsing Rods – Small

    Sale! CHF F16.04
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  • Pregnancy Worry Doll

    Sale! CHF F3.03
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  • Suncatcher – Crystal Star With Yellow Cascade (27mm)

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  • Worry Doll Key Ring

    Sale! CHF F4.05
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  • Orange Selenite Faceted Massage Wand

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  • Goloka 10ml Patchouli Essential Oil

    Sale! CHF F5.20
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  • 10cm Silver Pentagram Incense Holder

    Sale! CHF F2.89
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  • 15cm Vampire Tears Pillar Candle

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  • 17cm Red Chinese Buddha Ornament

    Sale! CHF F14.89
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  • 1JJ Swiss Tarot Card Deck

    Sale! CHF F28.90
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